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Boxing Community Holds Peaceful Demonstration to Protect Boxing at Olympics




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On March 29, the boxing community held a peaceful demonstration in Lausanne, Switzerland to show their unity and strength in protecting boxing and ensuring that it stays at the Olympics. The demonstration was held at two locations in Lausanne: the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s Olympic House, and the Olympic Museum.

The boxing community called for fair and transparent evaluation and monitoring of the boxing activities within the IBA. They demanded that the IOC recognize the progress made by the IBA over the past two years in complying with international practices, and to involve the IBA and boxing community in decisions on the future of boxing.

The demonstration was attended by a large number of athletes, coaches, and boxing stakeholders, all united in their efforts to protect the interests of the boxing community. They expressed their frustration with decisions made behind closed doors and the lack of transparency in the evaluation and monitoring of boxing activities. They also highlighted the confusion and jeopardy brought about by the sudden control of competitions being taken away from the IBA.

The boxing community hopes that their demonstration in Lausanne, Switzerland will raise awareness and ensure that their voice is heard in the ongoing discussion on the future of boxing at the Olympics.

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