#Kazakhstan – Anti-Chinese activist accused of calling for ‘jihad’

| March 12, 2019

The anti-Chinese activist Serikzhan Bilash has been detained in Kazakhstan. According to the local prosecutor’s office, he was arrested on on suspicion of inciting ethnic hatred.

The news has had a huge resonance in the media, especially in light of the close international attention to the so-called “political re-education centers” in Xinjiang.

The Kazakh Police Department confirmed that Bilash publicaly called for a “jihad” against ethnic Chinese. The video of this is circulating on social networks.

For the time of the pre-trial investigation, Bilash has been placed under house arrest for two months.

“The appeal for national discord in Mr. Bilash’s remarks was confirmed by reviewing the report, as well as video evidence taken from social networks, witness testimonies and other case materials” the prosecutor’s office statement says.


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