#Mueller investigation was not a witch hunt, but vindicated #Trump

| April 2, 2019

After a two-year investigation and an unlimited budget, the Mueller team decided to issue no indictments involving Russian collusion by the Trump campaign. While this does vindicate the President, I disagree with fellow conservatives who call this investigation a ‘witch hunt’ because the revelations about Russian meddling and the indictments that were issued are important in protecting our Democracy – writes  John Pudner, Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic


Former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort’s conviction involving massive payouts from overseas interests while hiding of that money from the US is a very important revelation for the public to learn.


On top of that, the less publicized indictment of the California businessman who set up a system to collect illicit campaign money proved to be even more important news. The evidence showed that he was offering services meant to get around the security requirements set by online payment companies. This strategy was similar to the practice of unverified credit card contributions that watchdog organizations have attempted to outlaw for the past few years.


Everyone on both sides of the aisle should agree that the Russians are trying to divide all Americans. I believe Russians sent out the edited video of the Covington students with the Native American veteran that led to such unfair and terrible attacks by liberals on the high school students. It was good to have that investigated to send a message to others who would profit by helping Russian meddling as well as helping us protect our system from foreign influence and money.


A similar investigation is needed into the $1.5 billion that ActBlue gave Democratic candidates through unverified credit card systems.


The left is going crazy over the term “vindication for the President.” While they can certainly make the argument that Attorney General Barr said that Mueller’s report does not definitively claim no wrongdoing on Trump’s part, the fact is the report backs up President Trump’s central argument during the whole investigation that he did not collude with Russians to influence the election. As the report revealed, 500 witnesses; 2800 subpoenas, and no collusion.


After two years of so many Democrats charging that Trump would try to fire Mueller before the investigation could nail him, they were wrong on both counts. Now, they’re back-up spin is similar to someone saying that just because someone is found “not guilty” it does not mean they are proven “innocent.” That is true, but it will always be true unless you live under the Napoleonic code in Louisiana, where you must prove yourself innocent. To make that argument you need to say anyone ever accused of a crime and found “not guilty” has not been vindicated and could still be guilty.


Trump came out with an even better result than “not guilty.” He received a “not even enough to indict.”


Waiting for the Mueller report was de ja vu for me from the Presidential election. After my September 9 prediction of a Trump win, Democrats asked me if I thought Republicans would accept the validity of a Clinton win. I would always respond that I thought millions of Democrats would not accept the validity of a Trump win. In the past two years I’ve found myself asking Democrats if they are ready to accept a Mueller report that did not include indictments against the Trump family.


To Republicans I say stop complaining about investigations into Russian meddling and illicit foreign payments like Manafort’s situation, or Democrats like Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who take huge payments from foreign entities with an interest in US policy.


To Democrats, if you believe that the best Plan B, after the disappointment of Mueller not indicting Trump or his family, is to ramp up more partisan investigations against a President from the opposing party with the addition of harassment from local prosecutors in liberal havens like the Southern District of New York to liberal judges ruling against him from California and Hawaii, you’re living a fantasy. You are not protecting Democracy, but undermining it, and should instead focus on trying to win through the Democratic process in the 2020 elections.





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