Announcement of Brussels airport renovation

AirportBrussels Airport has announced that it will start important renovation works on one of its main runways from 27 May.


So as to minimize the impact on the neighbouring residents and the airport activities, the airport plans these renovation works in several stages and also at night.


Runways have to be thoroughly renovated every 30 years to guarantee the safety of aircraft landing or taking off.


The previous renovation dates back to 1985. This year we will be renovating runway 25L/07R; the two other runways will be renovated in the coming years.


The asphalt surface layers will be replaced, the runway shoulders and drainage system will be renewed, the sewerage will be renovated and runway lighting will be replaced by energy-efficient LED lighting.


Finally, the roof slab of the tunnel under RWY 25L on the Tervuursesteenweg will be given a new waterproof lining.


Runway 25L/07R will be unavailable during most of the works, said an airport spokesman.


Belgocontrol will do what it can to minimise the impact of the works on the preferential runway system in force.


“Every deviation from the PRS1 will be assessed based on different parameters including runway and taxiway availability, the weather conditions and the density of air traffic,” it states.


“As always, absolute priority will be given to air navigation safety. Moreover, every effort will be made to reduce as much as possible any delays for the passengers.


“The actual flight paths will not be modified as a result of the renovation works. Work will only impact the frequency at which they are used.”


The work will be carried out in three stages from 27 May to 7 September.


“Summer is the best period to carry out these works as this season provides the most favourable conditions with lowest chance of rain or frost, most hours of daylight,” added the airport spokesman.



However, work may be delayed due to unexpected technical setbacks or unfavourable weather conditions.


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