IOM helps refugees to resettle in Belgium

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Photo-1In the framework of the joint European Union refugee resettlement programme agreed to in March, Belgium decided to resettle 100 refugees in 2014 and 300 refugees in 2015. In 2013 it accepted 100 Congolese refugees, mainly from the Great Lakes region.

In 2014, based on UNHCR and EU priorities, it will take 75 Syrian and 25 Congolese refugees. In 2015 it will accept 225 Syrians and 75 Congolese.

On Thursday 4 December, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Belgium welcomed the first 22 Syrian refugees from Turkey. They were all temporarily living in Istanbul after fleeing the conflict in Syria.

IOM Turkey carried out pre-departure health assessments, provided cultural orientation and made the necessary travel arrangements, with the support of the Belgian authorities.

IOM Belgium, Fedasil and Belgium’s Office of the Commissioner General for Stateless Persons and Refugees met the group on arrival in Brussels.

On Thursday (11/12), IOM Belgium will welcome another six arrivals – a Congolese mother and her five children flying from Burundi.

The number of resettlement places in Belgium is set to increase gradually in order to provide protection to some 300 refugees annually by 2020.


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