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#Israel: ‘Israeli settlements in Palestine jeopardize possibility of two-state solution and peace-building process’




israeli_opinion_090213During a visit to Israel and Palestine by the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee, both sides of the conflict confirmed their willingness to start fresh peace talks without preconditions.

The Socialists and Democrats Group MEPs participating in the Delegation, Arne Lietz (Germany) and Gilles Pargneaux (France), welcomed these statements. However, they also warned that both sides are blaming the other for not being ready to start the talks.

S&D MEP Arne Lietz described their findings: "Israeli settlements in Palestine jeopardise the possibility of a two-state solution and peace-building process. During the visit, the UN Security Council vote last December on the illegal Israeli settlements was discussed numerous times. We welcome the result of the vote and invite Israel to follow up on the resolution. The European Parliament should also adopt a resolution on this matter soon.

"During our visit to Bethlehem, the city mayor showed us the expansion of the settlements and how they are having an increasingly negative impact on the daily living conditions of Palestinians."

S&D MEP Gilles Pargneaux said that he hoped for progress at the Paris Peace Conference taking place on 15 January.

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