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Omar Harfouch denounces state anti-Semitism in Lebanon.




Omar Harfouch, head of the secular initiative for the “Third Lebanese Republic” and a fighter against corruption, denounces Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s anti-Semitic decision to cancel the Lebanese state’s contract with French lawyers who are trying to recover Lebanese funds looted by the political class.

These funds, passed illegally and hidden in European banks, were recently frozen because one of the Jewish lawyers correctly intervened, but with the implied excuse of religious affiliation, the PM cancelled the contract.

For Harfouch, the whole world must shed light on Lebanon’s racist, sectarian and anti-Semitic laws and decisions that persecute any Lebanese woman or man if he communicates, deals with or stands next to a Jew anywhere in the world.

Discriminating against citizens on such grounds totally violates human rights, according to the UN Charter.

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