Five member states progress towards full #visa reciprocity with the United States

Yesterday, Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos met with government officials from five EU member states that aren’t allowed Visa-free travel in the Unites States.


The countries, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Poland and Cyprus allow US citizens to travel due to their participation in the Schengen zone. They are seeking fair and equal treatment for their citizens visiting the US.


“Reciprocity is a cornerstone of EU visa policy, and we are committed to continue working in a constructive and positive spirit, in close coordination between us, and the United States, to achieve this goal as soon as possible, including searching for mutually acceptable interim steps,” Avramopoulos said.


The commission is looking to find a way to make the five countries eligible for the US Visa Free Waiver Program – which allows up to 90 days of Visa-free travel in the US, and is awarded only to developed countries with high-income economies.


“We discussed steps that could be taken on the EU side to fulfil the criteria of the US Visa Waiver Program. We will continue to engage closely with the United States, both at political and technical level, in view of a solution which is to the mutual benefit of European and American citizens, as well as for our close strategic relations more widely,” Avramopoulos said.


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A map of the US Visa Free Waiver Program countries (light blue: visa free; green: Visa-Free Waiver Program)


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